Chapter 9: Murderous Silence(A short story)

This is first short story I have written. Thought it was worth publishing. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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Chapter 6: Is it true?

So, I very recently watched the movie ‘Sanju’, which was a biopic on actor Sanjay Dutt’s life. And, well, I was confused. When you pursue a dream to become a journalist and a movie portrays the profession in such an inopportune manner, you tend to have second thoughts. According to the movie, one question mark(?), […]

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Chapter 5: Boredom

Imagine yourself in a situation where you know you cannot do anything- you’re in an auditorium filled with thousands of people, loud music, and no air conditioners. You have a phone, but no internet. What will you do? I’ll tell you what I did- I counted the number of times I yawned; it crossed hundred. […]

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Chapter 4 : Jealousy

I thought I was best, But ignorant there was better. The chosen one was me, now it was the latter. Ego and hatred inside me, wished to see the latter, drown in the deep. So to retreat, I chose to leave the field. I headed home and asked mom, Was this the best choice after […]

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Chapter 2: Hardships

I love storytelling. So here’s a small story…. Most of us have a teacher’s pet in class. And just like everyone, we had one too. Being a teacher’s pet, it was obvious that she couldn’t mind her own business. The moment we would change our places, we would have that girl be the first one […]

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

I finally started the chapter of a book called ‘ Life’. ‘Life’ probably has a million chapters in it, but the best part is that it is totally unpredictable – you never know what may happen. So I decided that each blog is a new chapter of my life. A positive life. An enjoyable one. […]

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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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